Jag vet att ni har frågat efter det och här kommer det äntligen - ett inlägg om vilka produkter jag vanligtvis anväder i min vardagssminkning! Vanligtvis brukar det ju mest bestå utav en foundation, mascara och rouge men eftersom jag är lite av en sminknörd så ryms nästan allt här i min dagliga rutin. Så, here we go!
I know you have been asking for it and finally here it comes - a post about the product I normally use in my daily makeup! I know, normally you could expect a foundation, a mascara and rouge but since I'm a really beauty geek I have a whole bunch of stuff to use in my daily routine! So, here we go!
1. The base - Since I love to take good care of my skin I enjoy wearing mineral foundation from bare minerals as a base in my normal everyday life and uses a large brush to apply it (1) and (2). To cover all blemishes and dark areas under my eyes I can really recommend you guys to try this "cover all mix" concealer (5) from Make Up Store. The red part covers all the blue under the eyes and the yellow part takes away all the redness from the zits. Perfect if you as me! Then to shape my face a little bit more, I use the "warmth" all-over-face colour (3) and (4) from bare minerals under my cheekbones and along the hair edge on the sides. To bring out my normal cheek colour, I love to use a light pink blush to give the face that extra spark. My favorites are "pernice" (6) and "cherry blossom" (7) from Make Up Store.
2. The eyes - For my eyes I normally prefer to use a lot of brown and earthly colours for my everyday look and therefor I just love this lovely eye shadow palettes from Isadora (8) and (9). For a bigger eye look, I use a light shadow in the inner corner and then uses a darker on outermost. I apply it first with a small brush (17) and then work with a bigger (18) and rounder (19) one afterwards to make a nice smokey look. Apply a dark (13) or light (14) eyepencil on your waterline depending if you want a light or intense look. The apply the mascara, my favorite one is definitely Diorshow (20) from Dior. 
3. The final touch - For my lips I often wear a lot of colour but if I want something more natural that brings out my ordinary lip colour I use "mauve berry" lipstick (11) from Make Up Store. Don't forget tp use a brush (12) to get sharp lines. Then for the nails, something natural but yet festive, "expresso" (15) and "luxurious" (16) from Gina Tricot are perfect for any occation! And last but not least, the perfume. The same as I have been wearring for the last two years, "acqua di gioia" from Giorgio Armani (21). A present from my love that always remind me of him, wherever I go.


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